Under Skin Art

Under Skin Art Tattoos and Art Gallery is the first tattoo shop in Bergenfield, NJ History ! Professional Tattooing in a Clean and Friendly Environment.  We specialize in Black and Grey Realism, Color Realism, Japanese, Traditional Americana, Blackwork, and Dotwork



My name is Frank O’Dowd and I am a black and grey tattoo artist. Tattooing isn’t just my job but my life. I sit down each client down before the tattoo to really dig deep into what they want, to give them the best custom tattoo. Each tattoo I do I feel like a piece of me has left with them.

I plan to never stop learning and growing in this business. I specialize in darker / freehanded imagery and I love putting my twist on everything and giving my own unique style. Women’s faces, skulls, flowers, anatomical figures, wildlife, scenery, portraits, etc. I plan on attending worldwide conventions and honing my craft in the near future and achieving the most out of my career; but most importantly, staying humble.


 8 Palisades Ave, Bergenfield NJ 07621