Under Skin Art

Under Skin Art Tattoos and Art Gallery is the first tattoo shop in Bergenfield, NJ History ! Professional Tattooing in a Clean and Friendly Environment.  We specialize in Black and Grey Realism, Color Realism, Japanese, Traditional Americana, Blackwork, and Dotwork


Under Skin Art, the brainchild of Owner and Artist David Osorio, was founded in June 2014, however it was dreamed up many many years before. Hard work, dedication, and a lot of support turned this dream into a tattoo shop like bergenfield has never seen before. The shop is a high end, full service, custom tattoo shop and art gallery. Strewn across the walls, and on easels you'll find framed paintings and artwork as well as works in progress, confirming that the shop and all who work here really are true to form artists. With a vintage feel, and a warm positive atmosphere you're sure to enjoy your visit, and we're wiling to bet it wont be your last.The shop is made up of David Osorio, Jimmy and Frank. They're a talented group of people who mesh well together and you're sure to find a style you like among this bunch ! We would like to welcome everyone to come check out the shop, our art, and inquire about your future tattoos!



 8 Palisades Ave, Bergenfield NJ 07621